“The harvest always comes at the end, when things are ripe”.


Appropriate for the end of the year, this DAY RETREAT on the first Sunday of Advent is an experience to help you ground, center, and go within yourself. Instead of quickly doing this & that and starting the new year head over heels.


We create space for you, where everything that is just may be. The point is not to lose the thread at the end of the year. Get out of the culture of optimizing, improving and evaluating.


Feel the echo of the year within you. In a world where everything seems to be available all the time, we have forgotten to pause, to wait, to let things take their course and to be with ourselves.


We use various tools and elements from yoga, coaching and the world of spiritual rituals. Selected essential oils, adapted to each practice, will accompany you through the day.⠀


“Find your rhythm, your pace to close out the year”.





9 – 11:00 Welcome & Activating Yoga Flow


11:15 – 12:30 body-oriented coaching (according to the NESC method), reflecting on the old year, aligning the new year with the involvement of the body & nervous system.


12:45 – 13:45 Lunch break (incl. catering with fresh healthy food) & open discussion.


14 – 15: 30 Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra


16 – 17 h closing ritual cocoa & fire bowl



What awaits you


Activating Yoga Flow


The morning hour prepares our body to go within. Flowing movements combined with conscious breathing open every cell of our body and pave the way for a profound experience.


Coaching (according to the NESC method) reflect old year, align new year

You get time to reflect on your year in peace. However, not a mind-level inventory as you might know it with lists and questions, but via an embodiment practice. This inventory from a nervous system perspective supports you in trusting your inner impulses, giving them space and invites you to follow them. Includes brief theory introduction to the nervous system and why it is important that we include it in change processes.


Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

A gentle Yin practice combined with soothing essential oils will help you create a feeling of absolute relaxation throughout your body. This gentle style of yoga is a boon to your nervous system. – the parasympathetic nervous system is having a party! The essential oils are a treat for your senses – pure wellness! 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra replaces 4 hours of sleep, according to ancient scriptures. Whether this is true, we test together! The state after Yoga Nidra is perfect for anchoring a new body awareness, leaving you in a state of relaxation long after the day is over.


Closing ritual cocoa & fire bowl

In our closing ritual we transform what has shown up during the day. Fire is the most transformative of all elements and, according to the ancient scriptures, most important for ascension into a new consciousness – which is why sadhus (Indian wandering monks) always make sure that their fire is burning. Together with Mama Cacao, one of the strongest Devis (Goddess) and special healing plant, we create a stable foundation for the next year by connecting with our primal power in the present.


Included in the price


  • Tea and snack


  • Lunch (incl. catering with fresh healthy food)


  • Yoga Equipment


  • Essential oil





  • Not too much food


  • Bringe einen Stift und Block mit


  • Bring warm clothes for inside and outside (gloves, hat, scarf)


  • If it is possible do not make big plans for the evening, but let the day end in a relaxed way


  • since we will spend some time at the open fire, also pay attention to clothing in the strong smell and in the worst case can tolerate a burn hole


  • an outdoor blanket with which you can sit on the ground in the yard


Cost 129 €


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