1. date 27.01.2023, 13:45-16:45 h
2nd date 03.02.2023, 13:45-16:45 h
3rd date 17.02.2023, 13:45-16:45
4th date 03.03.2023, 13:45-16:45 h
5. date to be announced



HypnoBirthing 2.0


Every birth is unique, just as mother and child are unique. And so you and your baby will have your own birth story.


The desire for a natural and gentle birth unites many women. However, exactly what this will look like is still up in the air. Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing has developed a concept that has helped and continues to help many women.


Bianca and Ralph Heinkel have complemented this concept, especially through the practice of mindfulness, which makes it possible to recognize the positive in unforeseen birth processes. A cesarean section can be life-saving for both mother and child. Unfortunately, there are still women who struggle with guilt when they have an unwanted procedure. Mindfulness teaches you to observe things with distance and free of judgment, to accept them as they are.


A painless birth is possible. But there are so many factors at play here that no one can or should guarantee such a thing. On the contrary, such promises can lead women to believe that they have done something wrong. Such a thing does not help the child and costs the mother strength, which she can use much better for your new tasks.


So wurde HypnoBirthing 2.0 durch neue Erkenntnisse der Psychologie, Neurobiologie und Achtsamkeitsforschung erweitert. You will learn to conserve your strength and work together with your body using relaxation, breathing, meditation and visualization techniques. As well as letting go of unnecessary tension and resting in the phases between waves instead of waiting for the next wave. Because one thing is certain: fear and tension are bad birth companions. On the other hand, confidence and the ability to let go can work wonders.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.