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We use the Fitogram course booking system, because it’s simple and clear. If you haven’t registered yet, you will be asked to do so in the course booking process. It will not take long. After you have created an account, please purchase an hourly package. You can find the prices in the course info pages. Simply click on the course you are interested in and then click on “Show prices”. If you have decided on a package (e.g. a 10 classes card or trial lesson), you can register for one or more yoga classes.

Kundalini Yoga

We practice Kundalini Yoga to let the Kundalini, the life energy, flow in the chakras of the body. Kundalini Yoga teaches body and breathing exercises as well as meditation techniques and knowledge for the most important areas of life. Kundalini Yoga does not work with single asanas, but rather with kriyas (series of exercises). The Kriyas were transmitted by Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, and are hundreds of years old. Kundalini Yoga is very different from Hatha Yoga, because in Kundalini Yoga we use dynamic movements.

Kundalini Yoga combines dynamic movement with meditative elements, allowing your body to experience strength, healing and relaxation. This special combination in Kundalini Yoga provides your body with inner peace and release from heavy thoughts. Let Kundalini Yoga teach you that there is a power within each of us that drives us to give deeper meaning to our lives. You will learn to master your everyday life calmly, to accept things easily and not let the stress get to you. Kundalini Yoga is a journey to yourself. Our classes take place in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel or online

Yoga Intermediate

Dive into the world of yoga in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel. You will learn the most important asanas (yoga positions) and experience the wonderful world of breathing exercises and meditation. You will perform the yoga positions slowly and consciously, accompanied by deep breathing. You hold the asanas with concentration and dissolve them in calm movements. Finally, you can let go in a detailed deep relaxation. With new strength and energy you go back to everyday life. Furthermore, you will learn about the background of this wonderful tradition.

Yoga Intermediate - Community Class

In this class we practice asanas (postures), deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation together. We focus on the connection between breath and movement, flexibility and stability. Yoga will give you peace and serenity and help you gain more body awareness. Among other things, concentration, strength, flexibility and balance will be trained. This yoga class is open to all levels. It is taught by different “young” teachers of our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel in rotation.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is about relaxing into the postures and letting the breath flow freely. In this way, you learn to come to inner peace and release underlying tensions in the internal organs, fascia tissue and muscles. The focus in Yin Yoga is on releasing tension, improving your flexibility and mobility, and strengthening your inner calm, strength and balance.

Yin Yoga is a more quiet and passive type of yoga where you come to rest and stretch intensely. Yin yoga is less about dynamism and more about surrendering to the exercises and completely relaxing into them. Yin yoga is therefore slow, mindful and calm, while Yan-oriented yoga is dynamic, active and strengthening. This makes Yin Yoga particularly suitable as a counterbalance to more movement-oriented yoga variants, in order to experience deep self-awareness and relaxation. Experience Yin Yoga in the company of experienced trainers in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel.

Aerial Yoga gentle

Suitable for Sunday evening, this aerial class in our yoga studio Bonn Beuel is more comfortable than sporty. It allows you to end the weekend relaxed and recharge your batteries for the next week. This class is well suited for Aerial Yoga beginners! Aerial Yoga takes place mainly hanging in a sling. The inverse postures known from “normal” yoga are performed very gently in Aerial Yoga, supported by the sling. This reduces the pressure on the intervertebral discs and the back muscles can relax. Besides this benefit for the back, the swinging and swaying is great fun. Moreover, you can relax wonderfully in the sling, the feeling of weightlessness gives you the extra feel-good factor.

Aerial Yoga dynamic

This aerial session at our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel focuses on lots of activity! You’ll work up a sweat and get to know the more acrobatic positions of Aerial Yoga. This class is not suitable for beginners! Aerial Yoga shifts the asanas into the air and is practiced hanging in a sling. Reverse postures known from yoga are performed gently, supported by the sling. Especially your back muscles can relax, because the pressure on the intervertebral discs is reduced. In addition, the swinging and swaying in Aerial Yoga offers an extra fun factor. Engage in wonderful relaxation and feel the sensation of weightlessness.

Aerial Yoga Intermediate

This Aerial Yoga class in our Yoga Studio Bonn Beuel is sport-oriented and is designed for participants who have already gained Aerial Yoga experience. Aerial Yoga takes place mainly hanging in a sling and combines inversion postures from yoga with acrobatics in the air. With the help of the sling, exercises are performed with support, strength is built up and you learn to let yourself fall. The pressure on the intervertebral discs is reduced, so Aerial Yoga provides special relaxation of the back muscles. In addition, the swinging and swaying in the sling is great fun.

Somatic Vinyasa

Somatic Vinyasa empowers you to discover the messages of your body and the very own language of your individual movement structures. With the help of special exercises, your attention is directed to the body’s own stimuli. This increases your body awareness and allows you to experience and balance your body as a whole. This dynamic, powerful practice in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel lets you work intensively with your body in a compassionate and mindful way. This course is not suitable for beginners.

Yoga Beginners Course

This yoga beginners course is perfect to start your yoga journey and get to know our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel. It is designed for all newcomers or those who want to refresh their yoga experience. You will learn the most important asanas (postures) and dive into the wonderful world of breathing exercises and meditation. Furthermore, you will learn the background of this wonderful tradition! Discover the yoga world in a safe and gentle way in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel.

Celebration Vinyasa Flow

This is a compact 75 minute vinyasa flow sequence that energizes and regulates the body and mind. This Vinyasa-Flow sequence is very dynamic. The asanas are not performed statically, but are strung together in flowing movements. As a connecting element, we focus on the breath. The connection of the dynamic asanas with the breathing should put you in a meditative state. This allows you to arrive in the here and now and let go of thoughts more easily. Start your evening off with a smooth, flowing transition at our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel.

Yoga for the back

Sitting a lot puts a lot of stress on the spine and forces it out of its natural shape. Yoga for the back helps you to release the tension of everyday life, to strengthen the muscles and to prevent discomfort. With the help of the asanas you learn a healthier posture and take time for mental relaxation. The special asanas in yoga for the back specifically address the torso. This trains the stability and flexibility of the back, but also the counterparts in the abdomen. In addition, you strengthen your body tension and promote your posture.

In yoga for the back, the exercises aim to mobilize and stabilize the back. However, psychological strain or stress in everyday life can also be triggers for back complaints. Yoga for the back helps you to relax body and mind and to arrive in the here and now. This way, back pain doesn’t stand a chance in the first place! Do something good for your back and start with yoga for the back in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel.

Yoga for pregnant women

During pregnancy you will experience extensive changes, which will be noticeable physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga for pregnant women helps you to face these changes consciously, positively and calmly. Give yourself the time to find inner peace with yoga, prepare your body and mind for the birth and avoid or alleviate pregnancy-typical complaints. By learning different breathing techniques, asanas and relaxation techniques, your body will be strengthened, stretched and relaxed.

Yoga for pregnant women teaches you many helpful things for your birth preparation. We focus on deep breathing, mindful body awareness and the conscious tensing and relaxing of the muscles. By practicing yoga regularly during pregnancy, you can learn to direct your breath. This light, deep and calm breathing will intuitively prepare you for birth. Get to know yoga for pregnant women in our yoga studio in Bonn Beuel!