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Who? Anfisa Shimkevich from Cyprus, the island of Love, a traveling joyful soul, handpan musician and cacao practitioner who is passionate in inspiring the people of the world to embrace their Light.

Where? Yoga Atelier Bonn

When? Saturday 22nd February 4-7pm

What? Take yourself on a journey within the Heart with the guidance of sacred Cacao medicine and the resonance of healing handpan music. Join Anfisa in a collective gathering to celebrate our humanness, raise our vibration and consciousness to higher frequencies, diving deep into ourselves to let go of the Old, expand into the New and relax into our love-filled Hearts.

For whom? For everybody. 
Please avoid eating 1-2 hour before, this will help cacao absorption into the body. 
Avoid caffeine in the hours before the event as this combined with cacao can give a distracting buzz which can distract you on your journey. 
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a note book to take notes down. 
Please inform Anfisa if you are taking any Anti-Depressants on your arrival to adjust your personal cacao dosage.